Samsung 64GByte SATA II SSDs

Samsung is once again at the forefront of technology, being the first in the industry to sample both 1.8″ and 2.5″ 64GB SSDs complete with an ultra fast SATA II/native SATA interface. This new SSD will boast a sequential write speed of 100MB/s and a sequential read speed of 120MB/s, courtesy of Samsung’s cutting-edge NAND technology with dramatically improved performance specs. The Samsung SATA II SSD brings together a 50 nm-class, single-level-cell (SLC) 8Gb flash chip with a Samsung proprietary, high-speed SATA controller and supporting software in order to achieve such performance figures. It is said that the new SATA II SSD is twice as fast as its SATA I predecessor with its 3Gbps interface speed, while consuming half as much power as the current 1.9 watts notebook hard drives currently gulp.

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