Nokia patents a gaming/cellular device

Nokia has patented a device designed specifically for gaming, with is a requirement for any serious portable console. Interestingly, the device “unfolds” to look like a PlayStation controller when in “game mode”. Otherwise, it folds back to have the footprint of a normal phone.

From the description, this device also has a cellphone function and a digital camera. Like most mini-computers, it will also be able to play movies and music files.

“…is a computer gaming console, input elements 121, 122 being provided for user input by the left hand of a user and input elements 123, 124 being provided for input by the right hand of user. The games are displayed on the display 110, but in other embodiments, the games can additionally or alternatively be provided for display on another electronic device associated with the device. In the present case, the device 100 also allows the user to make radiotelephone calls (e.g. using cellular telephone functionality), take pictures (camera on reverse of device 100 is not shown), and play recorded/streamed audio (e.g. music/speech etc).” (Patent description)

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