QuadTri Pad prototype on display

[CES 2008] Check out the QuadTri Pad – a one-hand keyboard that could possibly improve data input capability where mobile devices are concerned. It requires all five fingers on your hand to perform some touch-typing, but I must say it will probably take a fair bit of time to get used to the letters as well as their positions. Basically, all your digits are supposed to cover the entire QWERTY keyboard which has already been ‘miniaturized’. I did give the QuadTri Pad a go, but had some difficulty with the spacebar which was located on the left hand side of the keyboard as I am a left hander. Guess us southpaws are maligned again, eh? The unit on display is just a prototype at the moment and is attached via USB, but depending on the market demand and preference, the released version could come with Bluetooth connectivity. A commercial version ought to roll out within the next six months, retailing for under $100.

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