Visteon Headrest Entertainment System

[CES 2008] Bringing kids on a long road trip can be annoying especially if they have grown up on a diet of video games instead of good ol’ books. The Visteon Headrest Entertainment System could help alleviate boredom, as it not only plays back DVDs but comes with a built-in Gameboy Advance inside complete with a cartridge slot. Each purchase comes with a couple of replacement leather-clad headrests, a pair of 2-channel wireless headphones, a pair of DVD player remote controls, and two wireless game controllers. The purchase price also includes the entire installation process. It can be quite pricey though, retailing for $1,700 when it is released on April 1, 2008. Remote controls, headphones and wireless controllers all work via IR so kids who love playing lying down might find some difficulty in controlling Mario. There is also a non-GBA version that retails for $200 cheaper and misses out on the game controllers.

  • 7″ TFT LCD color display
  • Top-loading CD/DVD player
  • Integrated Gameboy Advance
  • Backlit controls
  • Input/Output Jacks

You can check out the older top-down model if you want that comes with a larger screen size.

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