Dell XPS 630 Makes Gaming (Relatively) Affordable

High end gaming on a PC can potentially cost you an arm and a leg, and Dell aims to bring a balance with the new XPS 630. This computer is based on a standard ATX chassis which makes future upgrades a snap, and is able to support both ATI CrossFire and NVIDIA SLI formats, so it doesn’t really matter which camp you’re on. Prices start from $1,249 upwards, depending on the configuration. Some of this computer’s features are shown below :-

  • NVIDIA nForce650 SLI Chipset
  • NVIDIA SLI Single/Dual Graphic options
  • ATI Crossfire Single/Dual Graphic options
  • Overclockable Intel Processors
  • Overclockable Corsair DOMINATOR Memory
  • 750KW Power Supply
  • 4 Internal HDD bays (Up to 3 Factory-Installed)
  • 4 DIMM slots
  • Two PCIe X16 Graphic slots
  • Light FX 2.0 (4 lighting zones)
  • AGEIA PhysX Accelerator option
  • Blu-ray Disc Drive option
  • Red and Black Bezel Color Choice

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