Microsoft in Talks with Nokia about Windows Mobile Devices

ITwire reports that Microsoft’s mobile communications business international marketing director John Starkweather said that there were ongoing discussions between Microsoft and Nokia but did not announced or hint at any products.

Of course, I’m sure that Microsoft has been talking to Nokia about this before. In fact last year, there was a rumor on that subject. However, that might be a long way from having a Windows Mobilepowered Nokia device.

To be fair, Nokia is doing OK,it isstill the #1 handset maker in the world, but their recent gains have mostly been in the emerging countries, where the margins are low. To capture the lucrative smartphone market should they go with Symbian, Linux,Windows Mobile, or try everything and see what works? I think that Nokia can try everything, but with Windows Mobile, it will have a harder time differentiating itself from Samsung or HTC, the current top Windows phones makers.

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