Toshiba 120GB 1.8-inch HDD

Toshiba has just announced its new 1.8″ hard drives that come with micro-SATA connectors, ferrying data at 5,400 rpm speeds in both 80GB and 120GB capacities. Known as the 80GB MK8016GSG and 120GB MK1216GSG, these two hard drives meet the stringent SATA 2.6 specification with a standard micro-SATA connector. They aren’t too shabby when it comes to performance as well, churning out a 489 Mbit/s transfer rate with 15 ms average seek time in tests while sipping relatively low power. These new hard drives are pretty…er, hardy, as they can handle external forces of up to 500G while operating and triple that amount when powered down. There is no word on pricing, but I hope to see these appear in Asus’ future Eee PC line.


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