HP and Dreamworks Announce 30-bit Color Display
(not actual display)

HP and DreamWorks announced that they have been “working together” on a 30-bit color display that will be built for 25% of the cost of equivalent displays in this space. I used the quotes up there because it looks to me like the DreamWorks name is there for marketing purposes –that’s just my assumption.

Most LCD displays on the market can display up to 16.7 million colors. That number comes from the combination of 256-levels of red, green and blue (16.7M = 256x256x256 = 24-bit). While most of us tolerate the occasional color bending on dark gradients, “workstation” displays have to be better than that, and some can display one billion colors (30-bit = 10-bit of red, green, blue). Two more bits doesn’t seem like a lot, but now we would have 1024-levels of R,G,B – this makes color gradients much, much better.

Don’t dream about having one of these just yet. For one, consumer graphics cards can’t display 30-bit color (10-10-10, not to be confused with 32bits 8-8-8-8, which is 24bits of visible colors and 8 bits of alpha-channel). Secondly, consumer operating systems aren’t too friendly with 30-bit color either. No pricing yet.

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