iPhone Solar Star Edition from Goldstriker

Goldstriker definitely knows how to beautify the iPhone as well as a plethora of other gadgets, and the Solar Star edition is their latest attempt. Featured on both the front bezel and Apple’s rear logo are 24 carat gold plating, while the rest of the case has the luxurious Balloon White paint found on a Lamborghini Gallardo. This white-and-gold color scheme is pleasant to the eye and looks good to the touch, and comes with updated firmware 1.1.4 as well as is unlocked for worldwide GSM use. You get 16GB of flash memory inside, but the £749.95 ($1,477) price tag will definitely put most people off. I’d rather save that dough for a 3G iPhone, and Apple’s original design isn’t bad to begin with but this over-blinged version isn’t suitable in this day and age where consumers’ pockets are being squeezed even for the basic necessities in life.

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