Walkie Talkie Watches

Keep in touch with a friend in the neighborhood with the Walkie Talkie watch, as this new model boasts a stunning range of up to 1.5 miles. Hey, at least you get to save on your monthly phone bill, right?Each purchase comes with an earpiece for discrete listening without having any busybodies eavesdrop on you. Features of these wrist walkie talkies include :-

  • 1.5 mile range
  • Auto Squelch system – automatically cuts off weak transmissions
  • Auto-off to save power
  • Flex and Talk Operation
  • Voice Operated Transmission (VOX)
  • Digital volume control
  • Backlight for LCD display
  • 3.5mm jack socket for use with earphones

Gizoo is currently selling the Walkie Talkie Watches for £32.95 each.

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