AT&T 3G Network FTW!

Tests have shown that AT&T’s 3G network has pummeled both Verizon and Sprint’s competing networks, according to ComputerWorld.

To gauge the speed and reliability of these three wireless data networks, I used my ThinkPad X300 to collect nearly 500 data points at eight different places in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, within a 50-mile radius of midtown Manhattan’s urban canyons. I timed how long it took to establish a connection with each network, followed by speed tests. Using Alken’s bandwidth meter, I was able to gauge download and upload speeds as well as how long it took to load that vendor’s home page. Finally, I ran an Internet radio station and timed how long it took to drain the battery. I then compared it to running the battery down using the notebook’s Wi-Fi radio. All speed readings — connection time, the Alken speed tests and page loading times — were repeated five times and averaged.

AT&T has consistently faster download and upload speeds in addition to shorter connection and page load times. I guess this bodes well for the 3G iPhone’s release, and will definitely put a smile on Steve Jobs’ face.

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