HP Keynote with Dreamworks

Here we are at the HP keynote with Dreamworks, viewing the latest ‘Making of’ video of Kung Fu Panda. This is one fun movie if you haven’t yet caught it already – one of the few family fare that doesn’t contain all the crass profanity that you find in movies these days.

Update: According to Kate Swanborg, Technology Executive DreamWorks Animation, the next year will see DreamWorks production require more computing hours compared to all previous years, hence the animation company’s need for a couple of state-of-the-art data centers to ensure smooth running of their operations. Hence, it makes perfect sense to partner with HP. Take for example – DreamColor display (10-bits at 1 billion colors) which makes perfect sense for the DreamWorks production team as color accuracy is of utmost importance. This was a “demand”, so to speak, from DreamWorks to HP as they required such a high color fidelity compared to what one gets from regular CRTs and LCDs. Check out Kate Swanborg in her element below.


Those in Europe can catch Kung Fu Panda later this summer, and check out the hard work the DreamWorks team had to go through with characters wearing fur clothes while featuring feathers – always a great technical challenge. It kinda makes me wonder whether these magical talking, ass kickin’ animals ever give thought that they’re wearing other animals’ dead skin?

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