Voodoo Omen High-End Desktop PC

While everyone is waiting for the upcoming HP Blackbird 002, the Voodoo brand releases this interesting looking desktop: the Omen is a PC built to obtain the best possible quiet cooling. The motherboard is rotated by 90 degrees (watch our hands-on photo gallery), which means that the hot air can flow upwards in-between PC cards – which is a more natural way to use convection. If you wonder, the connectors are located just below the removable top panel.

The second thing that is quite obvious is that this PC has a 7″ display integrated in the chassis. It is meant to be a secondary display that shows various information. It has been confirmed to us that this display work like a “normal” secondary monitor in Windows – no special magic required.

As it is the case with all high-end systems, there is no need for tools to open it, and everything from the cooling to the top-loading cables and paint will scream “quality”. Aimed at rich “enthusiast” users, the price will make most wallets catch fire: $6,000 to $20,000.

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