Doro ip700wifi VoIP Phone

With more and more people relying on VoIP technology to keep in touch with friends and family worldwide, it makes sense to use a VoIP handset that has the relevant features to get your message across loud and clear. Enter the Doro ip700wifi that enables you to make IP calls without the need for a computer, thanks to its integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, as long as you are registered to a legitimate VoIP service.

The Doro ip700wifi is based on the latest data and voice transfer technology – SIP 2.0. The telephone can support several SIP accounts, making it possible to use both home and work numbers. In this way the user can receive and call from home or work, irrespective of where they are in the world. The ip700wifi supports IEEE 802.11b for fast, reliable and encrypted communication over WLAN/Wi-Fi networks. Automatic logging on to WLAN, WLAN search via command shortcuts (Site Survey) and the possibility to save many WLAN network preferences are just a few of the practical functions of the ip700wifi. Moving between a number of different access points in the same SSID doesn’t affect the quality of the call.

Other features of the ip700wifi include a color display, vibration signal, over 10 language options and a telephone directory with 100 numbers. On the audio side of things, you get Comfort Noise Generation, Voice Activity Detection and Echo Cancellation that will help you hold crystal clear conversations. The software on the ip700wifi can be updated via Wi-Fi. You can pick this up for approximately $222 after conversion. [Press Release]

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