Touch Sight Camera For The Blind

This could possibly be the first camera in the world for the blind, known as the “Touch Sight”. While you might think this is redundant, but the “Touch Sight” camera works as follows.

“Touch Sight is a revolutionary digital camera designed for visually impaired people. Simple features make it easy to use, including a unique feature which records sound for three seconds after pressing the shutter button. The user can then use the sound as reference when reviewing and managing the photos. Touch Sight does not have an LCD but instead has a lightweight, flexible Braille display sheet which displays a 3D image by embossing the surface, allowing the user to touch their photo. The sound file and picture document combine to become a touchable photo that is saved in the device and can be uploaded to share with others–and downloaded to other Touch Sight cameras.”

Pretty interesting – hopefully the idea will be able to make it to the mass market in the near future.

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