CompuLab Fit-PC Slim

If you’re really that hard up for space and yet need a computer of sorts running in your pad, then the Fit-PC Slim from CompuLab could be just the solution for you. This tiny fanless computer sips 6 watts of juice at best, and measuring 110mm x 100mm x 30mm ought to be small enough for just about anybody. Other features include :-

  • AMD Geode LX800 500MHz processor
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • VGA output
  • 2.5″ hard drive option
  • 512MB RAM

Sounds decent enough to get some email, Web browsing and word processing done. CompuLab will be offering the Fit-PC Slim for $220 if you want the 256MB model sans Wi-Fi, while the 512MB version will cost $245 albet with Wi-Fi connectivity but without a hard drive. Alternatively, you can settle for models that include a 60GB hard drive, 512MB of RAM, and either Linux or Windows XP Home for $295 and $335, respectively.

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