Radus: New Social Media Browser

Today, Radus is launching a sleek media browsing website that allows users to search, discover, share, post and view digital content from various internet sources, including blogs and social networking sites. I like the “iphone’ looking user interface and the search function that gives fast access to different type of search results: videos, text, photos or all type. The relevancy of the search results is not as satisfying as it is with Google, I tested it with several words like “G1 phone”, ” iPhone” or “Blackberry Storm”, the results are sufficiently relevant but not as good as what I get from Google from a pure information prospective. However, to search and discover videos and photos, Radus’ user experience is better than Google. When you resizes the window, the user interface adapts itself very well, allowing the application to make the most of its surface, that’s neat.

I did not test too much the social component (friend list, interacting with other members, sharing…), I was able to quickly post a video on my Facebook profile. I am not a fan of the way the articles from the various news and blogs sources are displayed: the source name is not visible inside Radus, you can only discover it once you clicked on the article, it takes you the original article page in another window.I saw this product for the first time at DEMOFall 07 under the name metaRadar, and I was immediately drawn to its design and user experience (this version is a bit different). The mobile version will be available later.

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