Retro Gaming Gets All Stylish

Surface Tension has redesigned its Arcade Coffee Table to fit in a new 19″ LCD display this time round, where other controls are located smack under the table with a glass panel on top. You can choose from two luxurious finishes – walnut or oak, and inside you will find the ever reliable MAME emulation software to keep all your retro memories preserved as and when required. Of course, the horsepower required to run older games (even emulated ones) aren’t as great as what you need to have Crysis in full-blown glory, but still it doesn’t hurt to have the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processors, 2GB RAM and a 160B hard drive to store all those titles. Additional features include :-

  • 2 sets of controls
  • Happ arcade buttons
  • Happ illuminated trackball
  • Sanwa joysticks
  • Volume controls

Too bad the £2,999 asking price is a wee bit too much to ask from the layperson in these times of economic hardship.

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