Sharp launches its 108-inch LCD display in the middle east

Sharp has launched a 108″ LCD display in the middle-east at Gitex 2008 (Dubai). Of course, it’s a 1080p (1920×1080) display that was demonstrated at CES, if I remember correctly. As the title says, this is a “display”, not a TV. It’s meant to be on 24/7 and Sharp is adamant that it is built for the job. It has a fan-less design that reduces the intake of dust from the outside. Realizing that such a monster screen could be seen as not being eco-friendly, Sharp has pointed out that this display is made in an uber-green facility in Kameyama (Japan) and that it is “low power” (1130W), which is relative to say the least… If someone knows what the real carbon footprint of this product, drop a comment. We’re not going to label it a “green product” for sure. $150,000 at B&H.

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