Sprint, Intel WiMax party in Baltimore - quick facts

Sprint’s Xohm 4G network (built on WiMax) was just celebrated in Baltimore and the event has been followed by a hail of WiMax laptops announcements (Acer, Lenovo… )


Quick facts

  • WiMax performs almost twice as fast as EVDO in top download speed.
  • Intel already has the WiMax/WiFi module ready for all upcoming Centrino 2 laptops
  • Existing computers can also use a modem ($80), an ExpressCard ($60) or a USB key
  • Price: $10 (day pass), $30 (on-the-go, monthly)

Now, we need to check how good the latency is (the delay between a network request and a reply) because on GRPS/3G, it’s pretty horrible. So far, this seems like a great alternative to cellular 3G, especially when the coverage gets better. Visit the Xohm website for more details. It is actually quite confusing (you can tell that they want you to browse the site, yuck) but that’s where the official info is.

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