PodWombats Mark III Pod

Simulators have not been the popular game genre in the past few years, but maybe this new product will help. PodWombats have designed what they call an “affordable fully-enclosed” gaming cockpit to seal out the world and help you concentrate on your game. The Mark III Pod is basically a small dark room with a chair and shelves. I thought most gamers had that already! If you don’t, then this enclosed gaming chamber will only cost you $2,500. At first it sounds like a rip off, something you could build with some plywood, but then I read the FAQ.

It is ventilated with a quiet blower, carpeted with sound dampening material, speaker mounts, pullout keyboard desk and the racing style chair which is adjustable. You can even have them customize the exterior with multiple colors. Still not sure it would be worth the $2,500 but it could definitely be fun for a good racing sim. You can order one at their site. If you interested in gaming pods, but somewhat claustrophobic, you may have missed this one.

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