Self Balancing Unicycle: Bears can do it, so can you!

You have seen bears doing this for a long time, and sometimes clowns, but it always seemed very difficult. Focus designs is trying to make it easier for us to ride the scary one wheeled mode of conveyance known as unicycle. They claim that the average user only needs twenty minutes, to two hours of practice before he or she can have a decent first ride. The SBU as they call it, is a rider-assist machine; meaning it uses a combination of the rider’s balance and SBU control.

It can easily reach about 8MPH and travel a distance of approximately 12 miles. If it’s as easy to ride as they say, I could see this being useful in an urban environment as it only weighs 24.6 lbs. You can tote it up some stairs or onto a bus. Makezine has a nice video of it in use after the jump.

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