Study says iPhones twice as Reliable as Blackberries

A study by SquareTrade claims the iPhone is twice as reliable as the Blackberry, with both being more reliable than the Treo (ouch). SquareTrade examined failure rates of 15,000 phones covered under the warranties they sell. It is worth noting that Blackberries are typically used in a commercial or business environment and may see more actual use than personal cell phones like the iPhone. Also, the company pays for the Blackberry while the iPhone is paid with the users’ own money. They would also be used in different ways or not get the same “love”. The failure rates could be biased based on the usage time per day as at places I have worked, I see people use their Blackberries much more than my co-workers would ever use their personal cellphones. Check out the rest of the report summary and let us know what you think about the failure rates.


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