Synaptics Adds Gestures For Its Trackpads

Since its last September update, Synaptics has been busy adding new gestures to its trackpad driver. This time around, here’s how Synaptics describes the changes (see image above):

  • Two-Finger Scroll for easy window scrolling in both horizontal and vertical directions, and work in all applications with the active window scroll control. Surf the Internet faster, review documents easily without leaving the TouchPad.
  • Two-Finger Rotate for quickly rotating photos or pages in the most common photo and document applications such as Windows Photo Gallery and Adobe PDF.
  • Two-Finger Pinch Zoom now enhanced with PointZoomâ„¢ for intelligent and contextual zoom control. Synaptics first led with Pinch and Expand to Zoom In/Out; now optimized for Web 2.0 applications. Users surfing the Web can pinch over a site’s text enlarging the font, pinch over a map, and zoom in on the map – all in the same browser window.
  • Three-Finger Flick represents a more intuitive and reliable way to provide application control for rapidly paging through documents, photos, presentations, and other files. A simple use model to flick right for next, flick left for previous, flick up to start or play, and flick down to stop or end while improving ergonomics by reducing keyboard to touchpad fatigue.

To be honest, I’m really happy with my current trackpad usage, but if anyone out there tries this, could you add a comment to let us know how this works for you? Thanks!

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