Samsung Blue Earth Handset At MWC

Samsung grabs the headlines yet again with another first – a solar-powered full touchscreen phone known as Blue Earth that will be revealed at MWC ’09 next week. It was manufactured under the company’s vision for environmental sustainability, and will operate alongside the slogan “The Blue Earth Dream: Eco-living with SAMSUNG mobile”. Not only will it require less dependency on a power outlet, it is also made from eco-friendly materials, in particular the recycled plastic known as PCM which is incidentally extracted from water bottles. This should go some way in reducing fuel consumption as well as carbon emissions during the manufacturing process, and if the Blue Earth handset takes off in a really big way, so much the better. We sure hope the recycled plastic it is made out of is able to withstand the sun’s scorching heat when you leave it out to soak up some juice. [Press Release]


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