Samsung D980 La Fleur Touch Edition

Samsung seems to be into all these La Fleur business these days, with the latest one being the D980 La Fleur Touch. Each purchase of this (in Russia, at least) will come with a “Mobile Coupon” that is supposed to be a mobile version of plastic discount cards that you can normally get from various retailers. Samsung has forged partnerships with a variety of shops, cafes, cinemas, beauty parlors, fitness clubs and other places. On your part, you’ll need to send an SMS to Samsung to request for a mobile coupon where youu’ll then receive a link to download a Java application where you can then view all the participating outlets alongside the discounts and offers they have. Once you’re at the premise, flash your coupon and voila – you will end up feeling all flowery just like your phone. These Mobile Coupons will be available on Samsung’s range of La Fleur handsets including the F480, D980 Touch and older L310, L320 and F250.

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