Samsung OMNIA HD Hands-On

Here’s the Samsung OMNIA HD. Some people think that the display is HD, but no, it’s the video recording that happens in HD, in 720p to be exact (1280×720 at 24 frames per second). As you can imagine, Samsung used one of the best optic that they have and in still mode, it can capture 8 Megapixel images. While Megapixels don’t guarantee image quality, we can tell you that after trying it, we think that this is one of the best camera phones out there.

The second thing that is amazing on this phone is the display. Samsung can really leverage its investment in AMOLED displays. The screen is fantastic and you can tell right away that this is not an LCD screen. The luminosity, contrast and view angle performance are just fantastic.

The form-factor felt large in the hand (but on on this photo!), but that’s a compromise that you might have toacceptin order tobenefit from this AMOLED display. Fortunately, the phone does not feel heavy.

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