Sony Works On Mofiria Finger Vein Authentication Technology

Sony has successfully developed a new finger vein authentication technology known as “mofiria”, and this technology supposedly boasts fast response as well as a high rate of accuracy without taking up too much space, making it useful and a snap to integrated in cell phones as well as notebooks. Finger vein technology is touted to be much more accurate and forgery resistant as it relies on the veins inside the human body which are different from person to person. Not only that, “mofiria” relies on a CMOS sensor that will capture scattered light within finger veins diagonally for a plane lauout. Tests have shown “mofiria” to achieve an authentication accuracy of less than 0.1% for the FRR (False Rejection Rate), less than 0.0001% for the FAR (False Acceptance Rate), and processing time for identification of approximately 0.015 seconds when using a standard PC processor, or 0.25 seconds on a cell phone processor. Sony hopes to commercialize “mofiria” before the year is over. Do you see great success with this, or will it remain a niche market?

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