Adobe Director 11.5 with HD and Surround Sound

[GDC 09] GDC is kicking off and it is a good time for Adobe to launch its new version of Director. The new features include a 5.1 channel surround sound audio engine, and now game developers can use real-time mixing capabilities to create audio effects. Director 11.5 supports the H.264 video format and the RTMP based streaming (Real-Time Messaging Protocol, specifications to be published by Adobe first half of 2009), so developers will be able to integrate HD video content in their new games. Other features include compatibility with Google SketchUP and SketchUp 3-D Importer to create and import 3D assets, and an updated version of the NVIDIA PhysX engine, a physics simulation (gravity, collisions…) tool for 3D objects. Director 11.5 will be available by the end of March 2009 for $999 (full product) and $299 (upgrade). For more information visit

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