Dell Studio One 19, First Impressions + Photo Gallery

Dell just launched the Studio One 19, an affordable all in one computer with a multi-touch tactile display. We played with it and the few things that we came away with are: it’s reactive, well priced and… the sound is surprisingly good. First, let’s go over the highlights:

  • 18.5″ Display (1366×768 or 1920×1080, 16:9) with Webcam (Multi Touch as an option)
  • Intel Celeron (2.2Ghz) or Core 2 (3Ghz max) processor
  • 4GB RAM (max), 750GB (max) HDD (user upgradable)
  • NVIDIA GeForce 9200 or 9400 GPU
  • 558mm tall, 395mm wide, 82mm deep
  • Blu-Ray (optional)

Although the body is made of aluminum and glass, the colored contour is actually a fabric (with plastic underneath). There are several colors (White, Tuscan Red, Navy Blue, Powder Pink and Charcoal) but there is not interchangeable faceplates. Customers will have to choose one color at buy time. Another detail: on the product photos, the keyboard shown is a wireless one, but the basic configuration comes with a wired one, so keep it in mind.

The computer will run on Windows Vista (which doesn’t support multi-touch natively), so Dell has loaded it with a custom touch interface front end. There are also a number of “touch-driven” applications like a paint program or a music game. The computer is clearly aimed at being a Family Computer that kids can use. We did not play with it long enough to write a review, but the Studio One 19 reacts quickly to touch commands, thanks to the potent GPU and CPU (when compared to Touch NetTops).

At $700, the basic configuration costs only $100 more than a NetTop like the Eee Top ET1602, but the display is much bigger and the computer more powerful. We’re just guessing, but the base configuration could have an Intel Celeron 2.2Ghz, 1GB of memory, a 160GB hard drive, a GeForce 9200 GPU and a DVD drive. Note that the Multi-Touch display is listed as an option that costs an extra $100, making the basic Touch configuration an $800 computer.

We did pop the question: “can you hang it on a wall?” and the short answer is “no”, because it has not been designed for that. However, someone pointed out that the stand uses a VESA mount, so it might work out if you’re a DYI type of person.

The Dell Studio One 19 should first be available in Japan on March 23rd (Bic and Yodobashi), as the market for all-in-one PCs is huge there (because apartments are small). It will be available in the U.S and other countries “this Spring”.

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