Epson R-D1xG Digital Camera

Epson has a new digital camera for folks who love retro stuff – the R-D1xG model that looks pretty old fashioned on the outside as it is actually an update of the old R-D1 from Epson. This rangefinder camera translates to manual focusing using the matched images familiar to anyone who has used a film rangefinder. Heck, Epson is nice enough to let this model take in Leica lenses, making it a decent option if you’re still mulling over the Leica M8 purchase decision which will cost you a significantly $3,000 higher price point. Epson has left the R-D1xG at just 6 megapixels for its CCD sensor, but unless you’re going to blow up some really huge prints, this should be OK for most people. This Epson model will remain a Japanese exclusive at this moment, with no word on whether it will hit other countries later on or not.

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