LOLapps: Create Your Own Custom Gift App on Facebook

[ad:Tech] LOLapps has been in stealth mode since January 2008, founded by Kavin Stewart, Annie Chang , Brian Rue and Kamo Astrayan, the company counts now 44 million unique visitors (source: Quancast). In this tough economic environment, we all know that social networking sites monetization is even more challenging, and the sale of virtual goods is one of the preferred model, Hi5 for example, recently partnered with PlaySpan to accelerate its virtual goods sale by enabling global and easy micropayment solutions.

LOLapps offers Quiz Creator, an app that enables users to create quiz around any topic of their choices, they select the questions, the answers then they can share it with friends in their network. With Gift Creator , users create personalized virtual gifts to send to friends: they can upload images , name the gifts, and share them with friends. According to LOLapps, more than 2 billion gifts have been created via Gift Creator application. Kavin Stewart, LOLapps co-founder and CEO, showed me a demo of the product, it is very easy to use, you can create a gift in a minute if you have your images ready to be uploaded in your computer.

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