Nvidia-Ion Samsung  Netbook Spotted

Update: It appears that this would be the 11.1″ Samsung N510. The specifications are under intense speculation, but the word on the street is that this will be a 1366×768 11.1″ display, an Atom N280 1.66Ghz and only 1GB of memory. On the storage side, a 160GB HDD will be there and the connectivity will be handled by a WIFI-N chip. Finally, it should have a 6-Cell battery. Expect pricing around $600 in the USA.

Update 2: A photo of the right-side has been added to the gallery

This photo shows an upcoming Samsung Netbook powered by the Nvidia Ion Chipset. Right now, there is not a lot of information about. The background provides a hint that this photo was taken while NVIDIA was showing new design-wins behind closed doors. A closer look will reveal a VGA and HMDI port on the left side, but before you get excited with a triple monitor setup (internal LCD included), you should know that usually, one can only use 2 displays at once: LCD+VGA or LCD+HDMI. I’m not sure about “no-LCD”+VGA+HDMU.

If you missed what Ion is: it’s a chipset with an integrated GeForce 9400M. That’s the same chipset than the one Apple use in the new Macbook Pro. The net result is a netbook that has many times the graphics capabilities of non-Nvidia chipsets.At some point, Intel was said to be using pricing pressure to slow Ion’s adoption.

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