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Eros tablet sports NVIDIA ION 2 chipset
The Eros tablet from China is slightly different from the rest that we’ve seen so far, since it will be equipped with an NVIDIA ION 2 chipset which allows for decent video playback capability as well as the ability to handle graphics intensive software/games (to a certain degree, of course – we don’t mean it can play the latest 3D games in high quality without suffering from a drop in […]

Tranquil PC T7-MP2 runs on NVIDIA ION and needs no fan
Tranquil PC’s T7-MP2 hails from the UK, where it will be powered by an Intel Atom D510 dual core processor as well as NVIDIA ION graphics to get you started right out of the box, boasting its ability to handle High Definition video without missing a beat. You get HDMI, DVI, and VGA video outputs, and SPDIF and analog audio outputs that ought to be enough for the average home […]

MacBook Pro Clone Powered By Dual-core Atom And ION2
At a glance, you could be forgiven for thinking that this is Apple’s MacBook Pro. Upon closer inspection, you’ll realize that it’s really a cloned device, and is powered by either a single core Atom N450 or dual-core Atom D510, coupled with NVIDIA’s ION2. There isn’t any mention of what operating system this computer will be running, but chances are that it will be powered by Windows 7, though many […]

NVIDIA Ion, The Next-Generation
NVIDIA has just made its next-generation Ion graphics processors official. You might have heard that Ion-Next was slower than the first generation Ion… well this is wrong. In fact, there are two versions of Ion, a 16-core and an 8-core versions. Obviously, rumored performance had been benchmarked on the 8-core version. Anyhow, the next-generation Ion still has the same quality than the first one: it bring high performance graphics to […]


Acer Aspire One 532G Netbook Boasts NVIDIA ION Dedicated Graphics
If you’re shopping around for a new netbook, you might want to check out the upcoming Acer Aspire One 532G, which will start shipping by the end of Q1 2010. This 10.1-inch netbook is touted as the world’s first netbook to be powered by NVIDIA’s next-generation ION graphics acceleration, which is powerful enough to playback content at 720p, or even output the video to a high-def LCD TV at 1080p resolution. […]

NVIDIA Ion 2 could arrive on a PCI Express card
NVIDIA’s Ion 2 platform has been rumored to arrive in the form of a PCI Express card, but that has yet to be confirmed, It does make sense for this move to be taken, however, since slotting in a standalone video card into any netbook would mean having the instant ability of switching between graphical platforms, where you can choose between the Ion 2 for HD video and some gaming, […]

Bill Owens has a rather nice way of showing his support for NVIDIA, in the form of the award-winning NVIDIA ION Cube PC case mod, which as its name implies, is based on NVIDIA’s ION ITX motherboard. The casing sports UV green acrylic sheets, lit by 4 cathode lights and placed on a pedestal that will allow it to rotate a whole 360 degrees. The PC also sports an x64 […]

HP Mini 311 with NVidia Ion
Less glamourous than its sibling (Tord Boontje Mini 110), the HP Mini 311 boasts some serious features at a very affordable price: for $399 you get a NVidia Ion netbook that enables full HD video playback and true fidelity audio, an 11.6″ display (16:9 ratio), and a 6-Cell battery that keeps the device running for 5.5 to 6 hours. HP promises “effortlessly sync” with its Syncables Software and a green […]

Ion-Powered Samsung Netbook Spotted Might Be The N510
Update: It appears that this would be the 11.1″ Samsung N510. The specifications are under intense speculation, but the word on the street is that this will be a 1366×768 11.1″ display, an Atom N280 1.66Ghz and only 1GB of memory. On the storage side, a 160GB HDD will be there and the connectivity will be handled by a WIFI-N chip. Finally, it should have a 6-Cell battery. Expect pricing […]

Pegatron ION-Powered Nettop
Pegatron has unveiled the IPP7A-CP nettop that was unveiled at Computex, where it will be powered by NVIDIA’s latest ION graphics chipset. The Pegatron IPP7A-CP isn’t the only ION-powered device there as many other manufacturers also took the advantage to parade similar computing products at the same time, but this is the one with the easiest looking models to our eyes.

Intel Said To Be Using Pricing Pressure Against NVIDIA's ION
The NVIDIA Ion platform is quite exciting: who doesn’t want many times the graphics power in a comparable power/thermal envelope? In fact, Intel might even think that it is “too good”, so the company is said to apply deep discounts (1/2 price) to those who purchase an Atom processor bundled with an Intel chipset or mainboard. NVIDIA says that it is “unfair” as it artificially makes ION more expensive for […]