T-Mobile Announces myTouch 3G For July 29

myTouch 3G is seen like the successor of the T-Mobile G1 by many, we we’ll call it a cousin as we think that the true successor should have a (better designed) QWERTY keyboard. Anyhow, T-Mobile has announced that myTouch 3G will ship on July 29 at the price of $200 (with a 2yr contract).


It has the features that most people expect from a modern smartphone: 3G, WIFI, Android 1.5 OS, Exchange Support and so on…

Among the improvements, the standby time is now rated (by T-mobile) at 600hours, and talk time is 6 hours. Android fans should be pleased. This will be the best touch phone at T-Mobile for some time, but we’re pretty sure that most will desire the iPhone 3GS more. The question is whether they can afford the data plan or not. [via SFGate]

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