Windows 7 Costs Less Than Vista, Pre-Orders Get A Deep Discount

Microsoft has announced that the Windows 7 pricing will be 8% lower when compared to Vista. So far, there’s more enthusiasm towards Windows 7 than there was about Vista. The new OS has slightly better performance, boots faster and many issues have been worked out. Windows 7 will be released on October 22nd and here’s the deal:

Customers who purchase a new computer between Jun 26 and Oct 22 will get a free copy of Windows 7 when it releases. This does not include all countries and we’re not sure which countries will be included. Look at the prices and discounts in the full post.

On or after Oct 22 2009:

  • $119 Windows 7 Home Premium
  • $199 Windows 7 Professional
  • $219 Windows 7 Ultimate

Pre-order starting on June 26

  • $49.99 Windows 7 Home Premium
  • $99.99 Windows 7 Professional

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