SGI Octane III personal supercomputer

SGI has rolled out its personal supercomputer known as the Octane III, where it is able to hold up to a whopping 80 high-performance cores as well as nearly 1TB of memory. The Octane III will supposedly enable a “new era of innovation in strategic science, research, development and visualization”, right in the comfort of the living room, we suppose. It won’t come cheap though with prices starting from $8,000 upwards, where you can choose from the following configurations :-

  • Ten dual-socket, Quad-Core Xeon 5500
  • One dual-socket, Quad-Core Xeon 5500 workstation with advanced NVIDIA graphics and/or GP-GPU card support
  • Nineteen single-socket, Quad-Core Xeon 3400
  • Nineteen single-socket, Dual-Core Atom

Any takers? We don’t suppose you’ll have issues with framerates in games after bringing one of these puppies home. [Press Release]

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