titanmemoryThe Titan does not fall under the supercomputer category for no particular reason, as it resides at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In fact, it is no ordinary supercomputer, having already “owned” the mantle of being the world’s most powerful supercomputer, but fret not – it is not corrupted at all, since there is nothing remotely human about it. Having said that, the Titan supercomputer is not going to stop at just being the world’s most powerful, as it is also about to take on the honor of having the world’s fastest storage system.

Just how fast is its storage system, and what kind of innards does it carry underneath the hood? Well, it seems that the Titan supercomputer comes loaded with 18,688 AMD Opteron 6274 16-core CPUs, and 18,688 Nvidia Tesla K20X GPUs, which would more or less make it a 299,008-core computer. In addition, it carries 710TB of memory, which would mean it is capable of achieving performance speeds of a whopping 1.4TB/s. Excuse me for a moment, but I will need to pick up my jaw from the floor and compose myself…

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