Android 2.0 has just been announced officially via the Android developers blog and YouTube. There are a few important new features, the greatest of which in my opinion is the contact aggregation: Android 2.0 will consolidate your contact from multiple accounts (Exchange, Gmail…) and that effectively makes Android 2.0 a people-centric OS, rather than a Service-centric OS. I don’t yet know if this is as cool as the Palm Pre or MotoBlur, but we’ll know soon enough:

  • Account Manager API: allows app developers to add their app in Settings>>Accounts
  • Bluetooth API: Applications can now turn BT on and off as needed and trigger a neighboring device detection.
  • Multi-resolution support: this will enable larger screen resolution android phones, but also smartbooks – many smartbook makers told us that they were waiting for this.
  • The complete list of features is in the release notes

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