Fusion Garage Reveals JooJoo Tablet (ex-CrunchPad)
Thanks to Nocolas H. for the photo.

(formerly buzzed as the Crunchpad). Let’s start with the hardware and software as it is more interesting: The tablet has a 12.1″ capacitive screen and can play full HD video. It runs on a web-based OS (probably a mini-Linux + Web Browser like Chrome). The tablet boots in 9 seconds and JooJoo stands for “Magic” in Africa by the way. It will cost $499 and the company will start taking orders soon. Units will ship within 8-10 weeks shipping from order.

The first thing that you notice is the price. You had probably heard of a $200 price before, but the Fusion Garage CEO said that a $200 price for a 12.1″ (capacitive) device that can play HD video is just a fantasy. As he puts it, there are “dreamers” and there are “doers”. I suspect that the bill of materials is much higher than $200 anyway.

As for the drama, the Fusion Garage CEO gave his own version of the story. According to him, Michael Arrington (from TechCrunch) has promised a lot about software, hardware and funding, but at the end of the day, he did not deliver and now tries to appear as the victim. As for the potential lawsuit that Techcrunch has been talking about, Fusion Garage says that Techcrunch can bring it on.

The real interesting question is whether or not this product will succeed. The tablet market has been hard to crack, and between the $499 price and the JooJoo name, I’m not sure how this will be received. Time will tell, and we will see in the live demo if that’s something that we would like to spend money on.

More specifications

  • 4GB SSD
  • Storage done in the cloud
  • 5hrs battery life
  • Only black color for now
  • 2.4Lbs
  • More accessories coming soon

More info at thejoojoo

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