Rubik's Slide set to thrill puzzle fans

Bored of the Rubik’s Cube after all these years, mastering the puzzle in a way where you can even solve it blindfolded? Why not tease your brain all over again with a new puzzle game known as Rubik’s Slide. The Rubik’s Slide manufacturers claim that there are more than 10,000 brain busting puzzles on this, where you are required to slide and twist the gadget to move a series of squares (up to nine in total) in order to match a pre-determined pattern that is displayed before you begin. Needless to say, more and more tiles will be introduced the further you progress into the game, but we wonder whether there is a built-in “save point” just in case it runs out of batteries when you’re so close to solving the hardest puzzle? Bust your brain for a relatively affordable £25 as the Rubik’s Slide rolls out – nay, slides out later this year.

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