Solving a Rubik’s cube on a normal day is pretty difficult for the average person. No matter how hard the majority of us try to get all of the colors in their proper places, we end up removing the colored stickers and placing them all in their proper places. Being able to solve a Rubik’s cube is so easy for some people, they’ll go ahead and add something else in addition in order to slightly challenge themselves. This guy, though, is a complete nut as he attempts to solve three Rubik’s cubes while juggling.

No – he’s not juggling something and solving Rubik’s cubes between throws. He is juggling the Rubik’s cubes he is attempting to solve. So not only does he have to worry about the entire juggling process, which already can be mind-glowingly difficult, but he also proceeds to solve three separate Rubik’s cubes. The level of difficulty behind this trick is amazing, which is why he is surrounded by a small group of people who are probably as amazed as I was watching this video.

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