Bendable LCD displays could be a future mainstay

As display technology progresses, not only have we seen thinner and thinner screens making their way to the market, even bendable ones could prove to be a rather viable viewing solution. Well, a Japanese consortium of 13 companies and institutions are currently pitting all their energy and brains into a super-thin, flexible LCD display which uses plastic film instead of glass substrates. Theoretically, this works just fine although positioning the layers requires the levels of rocket science (perhaps not, but you’ll need a whole lot of gray matter to think it out either way). Such a production method will require less processes, resulting in the need for fewer equipment while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by up to 75% and energy consumption will also drop by a whopping 70% thanks to the new production technique. The early fruit of their labors would be this bendable 3.5″ LCD display which measures a mere 0.49mm thin. Expect a more advanced version to roll out in 2012. Hey, isn’t that when the world is supposed to end?

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