HTC buying Palm = Awesome

While we scratched our heads about a rumored Palm acquisition by Lenovo, but the idea that HTC could snap Palm resonates much more with us, and would likely result in awesomeness. Palm’s problem is that the Palm Pre is good, but not great (anymore). It’s too slow, too small and although the Pre is cool, its desirability has fallen quickly because new competing hardware keeps coming practically every month couple of months – the next iPhone is due in June. Oh, and did we say that the Palm Pixi is not competitive in any market these days?

HTC on the other hand has great hardware designs (Nexus One…), but it is very far from being able to produce an operating system, and getting their hands on Palm’s Web OS and the brains behind it could be a game-changer for the company. HTC also commands an important share in the handset market, whether it is with its own brand or as a white-label manufacturer. One has to wonder if a Palm acquisition would change the way HTC deals with Android or Windows Mobile, but I don’t think that this would change radically in the short term, but who knows. This rumor makes a lot more sense than a Lenovo acquisition, and I hope that Palm ends up surviving, or being bought by a company like HTC that can truly leverage and perpetuate the work that Palm has done.

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