New Macbook Pro Gets Better Windows Power Management
Left: Macbook Pro 15” 2010, Right: Macbook Pro 13” 2009
Both are set to the minimum display brightness under Windows 7

My Macbook Pro 13″ 2009 has a rather poor power management drivers under Windows. For example, the display would never get as dim as it would on Mac OS. Also, the Keyboard backlight could not be turned off under Windows. And these two obvious facts of life were only the visible representation of a larger underlying problem: the Macbook Pro Windows drivers were pretty bad at managing power. Regardless of the reasons, it was frustrating to say the least.

The New Macbook Pro series gives me a new hope: The display can now be dimmed properly under Windows. The Backlight keyboard can also be turned off at will. While this is far from being a full test, it is a clear sign that Apple has been working on these obvious Power Management issues. I’ll do more tests, but so far things are getting better for prospect Windows users. More photos in the full post.

Update 4/20: We’ve published our complete Macbook Pro Review

new macbook pro gets better windows power management
Right: Macbook Pro 13” 2009, at minimum brightness.
You can tell that it is really bright

new macbook pro gets better windows power management
To match the “minimum” brightness of the Macbook Pro 2009
I have to crank the Brightness of the MBP 2010 quite a bit

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