Mimo 720-F 7-inch Flex Screen USB Touchscreen Display Introduced

Are you looking for a small mountable touchscreen display? Mimomonitors has just released its latest 7-inch USB touchscreen display, the Mimo 720-F “Flex Screen” touchscreen monitor. The 720-F is designed to be easily mountable in a wide variety of places, thanks to its VESA 75 standard. To make things easy for you, it uses your standard USB 2.0 port for both power and data transfer, so you only have to worry about one cable. The display offers an 800 x 480 resolution picture, along with a 400:1 contrast ratio and 350cd/m2 brightness. It supportsWindows XP, Vista and Intel-based Macs, though surprisingly there wasn’t any mention of Windows 7. If you’re interested in this, you should know that it’ll set you back $200.

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