New Intel Atom Processor To Power Handheld and Tablets

Intel has announced its new platform includes an Intel Atom Processor (Z6xx Series), the Controller Hub MP20 and a dedicated Mixed Signal IC (MSIC). Intel has been able to reduce idle mode power consumption by up to 50X, which is critical because handsets and tablets tend to be always on, often in idle mode. According to Intel, the new platform can also play audio for 2 days straight, but play video only for 4-5 hours (on a 1500mAh battery, and compared to the “Menlow” generation of Atom). Here’s an example of what a real Intel-powered phone looks like.

We can’t wait to see what devices will come out in the next few quarters. As for the Operating system, Intel will promote Meego, which was freshly announced at Mobile World Congress in February. Of course, Windows is always an option.

Despite all the good news, Intel still has some ways to go before displacing ARM-based chips from NVIDIA, Broadcom or Marvell, but Intel has been driving its products in ARM’s turf, much faster than ARM can go into Intel’s territory.

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