SmartSight rifle shoots around corners

According to SmartSight inventor Matthew Hagerty, “Fifty percent of kills happen on the corners.” This is why he came up with the rifle sight camera which is capable of wirelessly transmitting real-time video back to its soldier, where it is hoped that such technology will help the army gain an advantage over its enemies in urban warfare. The camera itself weighs less than a netbook at 1.5 pounds, where it is attached to an M4 or .308 SOCOM carbine while transmitting video to a display attached to a soldier’s protective glasses. All video transmission is sent at 30 fps, while custom software overlays the shooter’s red target dot in the head-up display so that it looks as though it appears on the gun’s conventional scope without any lag whatsoever. The prototype currently tips the scales at a mere three pounds. Testing will begin next year, but we don’t think this will help bring our boys back from Iraq and Afghanistan any faster.


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