New Glasses Are Like Auto-adjusting Bifocals

Will bifocal glasses be a thing of the past over the next few years? With all this fancy technology, it does seem quite possible. A new type of electronic glasses should be available later this year, and it’ll allow you to hit a button at the side of the frame to switch between letting you view things close up, far away, or somewhere in between. This is possible because the lens is made with a type of liquid crystal, sandwiched between traditional plastic lenses, and will react according to the electrical charge going through it. It’s powered by rechargeable batteries, and operating it will send a current through the liquid crystal, which will expand or contract to change the shape of the lens, effectively adjusting the focal range. To make it even better, PixelOptics, the company behind it, is looking to add sensors to the specs, allowing it swap between different settings automatically, so when you look down to read a book, or upwards to see something in a distance, the lens will be adjusted accordingly. Would you want to wear such a pair of spectacles in the future?

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