ZodTTD unveils PSX emulator for Android

ZodTTD has recently unveiled a new Sony Playstation 1 (PSX) video game console emulator for Android 2.x, which is unusual since ZodTTD is more often associated with iPhone emulator development. Nice to see them switch sides but for a moment, working with the author of Nesoid and GameBoid (NES and Game Boy emulators, respectively), where new enhancements include fullscreen play, touch controls, button support and trackball use. The framerate isn’t what it should be yet though, being not up to par with the intended 60 frames per second, but bear in mind that this is still an early build, expect better performance capability some time down the road. This emulator will work only on Android 2.x and will require fast processors such as the Snapdragon and Cortex A8.

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